Cool Tools

At each South Central WorkForce Center Partner Training Day, the Continuous Improvement Team showcases “cool tools” from each of the partnering agencies.  A “cool tool” includes a best practice, an innovative idea, a new form, an online resource or anything that has helped staff in their work.

March 2017 – Roundtable Discussions
Job Applications/Resumes – facilitated by Sara Carrigan  Summary
Interview Tips – facilitated by Maureen Toonkel  Summary
Job Club/Workshop Materials – Facilitated by Tyler Woelfel
Assessments – facilitated by Angela Doering
Soft Skills – facilitated by CC Hillman
Job Retention – facilitated by Heidi Benson  Summary
Resources for the Resources Area – facilitated by Heather Gleason  Summary
Customer Service – facilitated by Gloria Winter
Communication Tools – facilitated by Michele Rademaker  Summary and Social Media Policy

November 2014
Employer Survey – presented by Ted Ornas, MRCI WorkSource
Utilizes survey monkey to get feedback from employers.

Pay Check City – presented by Kate Hengy-Gretz, MVAC
A W-4 assistant features a withholding calculator to determine the amount of taxes taken out of your paycheck.

Putting Together a Great High School Resume – presented by Clara Johnson, MVAC
Worksheets to assist youth to gather information needed for a resume.

April 2014
Job Accommodations Network – presented by Angela Doering, VRS
For information on a variety of disabilities and guidance on reasonable accommodations.

Send Free Text Messages from PC – presented by Karen Zimny, MVAC
Allows you to send free text messages from your computer.

 July 2013
How to Register for Workshops Online – presented by Sara Carrigan and Cindy Perhson, Job Service
Find instructions on how to register for workshops offered at the WorkForce Center online.

Strong Interest Inventory – presented by Sarah Torvick, LWPC
This is an online assessment that is used by Life-Work Planning Center to assist clients with identifying their career interests.

Employment Communication System – presented by Ted Ornas and Matt Carlson, MRCI WorkSource
Check out the internal communication system developed by MRCI provide immediate employment information to key staff.

Using Social Media for Job Search Workshop – presented by Heidi Rueter, MRCI WorkSource
Learn about the workshop that was developed by MRCI for job seeking staff around social media and technology.
Social Media Quiz
Social Media Quiz Answer Key
Workshop Prezi
Social Media YouTube Video

Poll Everywhere – presented by Heather Gleason, SC WorkForce Council
A free service to collect responses using mobile devices.

February 2013 – presented by Elizabeth Blackstad and Lynn Tollefson, MVAC
This helpful link provides cost saving tips for clients such as finding the cheapest gas.

Fillable Budget Form – presented by Elizabeth Blackstad and Lynn Tollefson, MVAC
The Fillable Budget Form was created as an Excel document by staff from Minnesota Valley Action Council to assist clients to calculate and manage their household budgets.

Team Promises in Action Forms – presented by Marcia Highum, MRCI
This is a peer recognition program to identify staff that uphold the MRCI WorkSource Team Promises.

Succeeding in the Workplace on ISEEK – presented by Gretchen Spears, VRS
The link includes information that VRS uses to provide job retention tips to their clients.

August 2012

Career Building Newsletter – presented by Andrea Weier, MVAC
Check out the newsletter that MVAC uses to communicate useful information to clients.

GED Rewards Card – presented by Jill Berglund, MVAC
Find out what MVAC staff in Brown County use to motivate clients to attain their GED.

MRCI Team Promises – presented by Laura Bealey, MRCI
Identifies 10 items that MRCI has adopted as Team Promises in their service to clients.

Skype – presented by Christine Bauman, VRS
Vocational Rehabilitation Services uses Skype to connect with clients that have difficulty meeting face to face.

Strong Interest Inventory – presented by Jill Hahn, LWPC
This is an online assessment that is used by Life-Work Planning Center to assist clients with identifying their career interests.