Youth Council

Youth Councils were created to provide expertise in youth policy for the Workforce Investment Act program and to help local WorkForce Councils to:

  • Develop and recommend employment and training policy for eligible youth;
  • Expand youth employment and training to make sure it includes a youth development perspective;
  • Link with other organizations that serve youth and;
  • Take action on issues that affect the success of youth in the labor market.

Youth Council duties include:

  • Preparing the local WorkForce Investment Act youth plans;
  • Recommend to the local WorkForce Council, which providers should be selected to deliver youth services;
  • Oversee the work of those providers who deliver youth activities;
  • Design or support other local youth activities;
  • Other duties as determined by the chairperson of the local board.

Learn about the Youth Council’s Mission, view our members, or read about our various Projects.